Protecting your people and business during the Corona virus? IoT can help.”

Events surrounding the Corona virus are unfolding with astounding speed.  T-Systems can help you keep up with its Internet of Things (IoT) offerings which are scalable, automated and have seen explosive growth in industries such as automated manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and asset management. Click here for more information on these solutions that will help you manage in these unprecedented times. 

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Shipment and Asset Monitoring

Given the current crisis, shipping and logistics are more important than ever. A logistics solution that allows real-time transparency, tracking and condition monitoring of goods in transit provides a competitive advantage.  Monitor location, temperature, tampering, humidity, light, pressure, change of position, and/or movement with our end-to-end tracking, tracing, & monitoring solution.

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Smart Water Leak Detection

Smart Water Leak Detection allows you to monitor your storefront remotely from leak detection to efficient water usage. Keeping a close eye on your water supply can help you cut costs and avoid catastrophic flooding

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Security: Access to restricted places

Tektelic Smart Room sensor provides room presence or occupancy monitoring, and identifies the open/closed status of windows and doors via internal magnetic switch. This solution monitors restricted areas and spaces where occupancy limits are vital.

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People Counter

Isolation is not always possible when business continuity for critical services is at stake. Our People Counter is a virtual turnstile, enabling you to track crowding of spaces and meeting rooms and even send over-crowding alerts.

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Emergency Plant Monitoring

Higher plant usage means more maintenance is required. Emergency Plant Monitoring provides plant utilization patterns so that you can efficiently plan predictive maintenance.


Temperature Monitoring

Simple temperature and humidity monitoring for any cooling system can require manual effort and high labor costs. Hospitals, hotels, and food service organizations can meet legal requirements to record temperature readings more efficiently and lower costs of compliance.

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Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solutions

As many states begin to reopen their economies, many businesses will have to implement technology that will keep their people and their business safe. These Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solutions can assist your business in the transition back to in-person functions and routines.

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Panic Button

Protect staff 24/7 with an easy-to-use push button that will accurately report the location of any employee, anywhere on the property. Reduces manual effort and high labor compliance costs. Great for hospitals, schools, and facility management.

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